Handcrafted Hardwood Signs Made One at a Time!

Thank you for checking out our Etsy Wood Shop. We love doing what we do and hope you enjoy looking around. Here is a little about the people behind TopGrainWoodShop & TopGrainBarSigns

DAVE: Owner, Brains Behind Operations. Master Craftsman and CNC Woodcarver Specialist.
ANNIE: Owners Cool Woodworker Wife Who Happens To Love Woodworking Too.

It all started with the love for working with wood at a very young age, going on the job site with his father. Dave's father always taught him to go the extra mile for people. Following in his fathers footsteps, he went to work as a carpenter, and has spent the last 25+ years building & doing finish carpentry on high end, custom homes in the St. Louis area. His young energy landed him on some of the largest homes, learning from the really smart tradesmen as he went. Attention to detail and precision have been engrained in him from the get go. So yes, he is extremely picky or critical of his work, but loves things to be just right, and look awesome too. Now that his young energy has somehow disappeared, he wants to continue working with his favorite material... Hardwood and slow down a bit, get creative and enjoy his passion...woodworking.

His wife, Annie is a creative chick, who happens to be every woodworkers dream, a woman who loves the woodshop as much as Dave does. She is from several generations of saw millers & loggers and her father was a talented woodworker too. She is always dreaming up the next thing to make, in their spare time, (what ever that is.) Annie takes care of running the woodshop and creating your cool hardwood signs. Dave still does finish carpentry, so he is the guy behind the scenes when she needs help or it is an extremely busy season.

Lots and lots of time goes into working with wood, and bringing out the best in each piece takes much, much patience. We love the feeling of being able to take a piece of rough wood, not attractive in the eyes of many, and set to milling, sanding, carving, sanding and finishing, did I mention sanding...turning it into a beautiful hardwood heirloom to pass down.

Dave and Annie talked about it for years, dreaming of having a cool woodshop that they could use to be creative but also support their family. After several years & the lousy recession... they found a cute little woodshop to set up in and made their first Etsy move in November 2013. They spent a year preparing to open this shop, playing with the creating side and re-cutting, re-oiling, redo, redo, redo, until they got a handmade gift that they love. Those two are always expanding and adding bigger tools, perfecting their process and constantly experimenting with new finishes.

TopGrainWoodShop opened in November 2014, and wow have they learned a lot! Most importantly, they have learned, customers know what they want and have the best idea's. Feel free to request something unique, and Dave and Annie will be happy to create something beautiful for you.

Thank you for checking out our ETSY shops!
Dave & Annie :)

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